Triggering topwater bites from supersized freshwater predators requires unrivaled realism in both form and function. The master lurecrafters at LIVETARGET use a battle-tested research and development process to tap directly into the DNA of surface predators with the ULTIMATE FROG: the first – and only – frog lures that look AND act alive! The LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG, recently crowned Soft Lure category champion in the EFTTEX Digital Best New Product Showcase, is the best way to use predatory instincts to catch more and bigger bass, pike and walleye. The following three tips will help you make the most of the ULTIMATE FROG on every trip:

The ULTIMATE FROG Popper is equipped with a single-knocker internal rattle that attracts fish from a long distance, making it ideal for conditions that call for commotion, such as cloudy, windy days or when fishing turbid or stained waters. Choose the ULTIMATE FROG Finesse model with its silent swimming action for a captivating presentation when fishing adjacent to or away from cover, or when clear waters or highly pressured fish necessitate a more stealthy approach.

The best ULTIMATE FROG retrieval consists of two distinct stages: the pull and the pause. When a skilled angler twitches or pulls the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG, its body dips beneath the surface and its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison and attracting the attention of any predator lurking below. When paused, the ULTIMATE FROG slowly rises, breaking the surface with its eyes as its legs contract beneath its body, leaving it vulnerable to surface attack. Expect your strikes to happen while the ULTIMATE FROG is at rest, so include plenty of pauses in your cadence.

Many anglers believe that topwater lures are most effective during the hot summer months. The cooler months of Spring and Fall, on the other hand, are ideal for catching the ULTIMATE FROG. Dormant frogs awaken in the shallows in the Spring, swimming dangerously close to shorelines as their metabolism increases. Frogs migrate from swamps and marshes to lakes in the Fall, intent on burrowing into the mud for the Winter. Bass, walleye, pike and muskies have become accustomed to these annual frog movements and will attack the ULTIMATE FROG in cold water with vigour.


What makes the ULTIMATE FROG a worthy champion?

Bass, pike and walleye stalk their prey from below, recognising not only the appearance of a living frog but also its smooth motions and complex behaviours as it rests, swims and attempts to evade an impending attack. The LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG sits motionless like a living frog at rest, with its eyes just above the surface, its body angled 45 degrees down, and its legs contracted beneath its body – ready to propel the frog forward with powerful thrusts of its webbed feet. When a skilled angler twitches or pulls on the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG, its body sinks beneath the water’s surface and its legs hinge at the hips and knees, extending to full length in perfect unison.

The ULTIMATE FROG is now vulnerable and exposed to predators lurking below, perfectly mimicking the actions of a living frog swimming for its life in open water. The lure’s legs tuck back in toward the body at the end of this stride, as its eyes break the surface in an intricate sequence of biomimetic motions that bring the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG to life. This isn’t the aimless, splashy, random movements of a mediocre topwater lure; this is anatomy duplicated, motions replicated, and evolution harnessed. This is unquestionably the ULTIMATE FROG.

What’s in the box?

The LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG comes in two models that cover a wide range of topwater angling situations. A well-known Popper model has a curved, transparent popping face beneath the line tie that produces an eye-catching bubble pop. The ULTIMATE FROG Popper is ideal for conditions that call for commotion, thanks to its single-knocker internal rattle that attracts fish from a long distance. When fishing adjacent to or away from cover, choose the Finesse model with its silent and stealthy swimming action for a compelling presentation. The Mustad UltraPoint single hook on the LIVETARGET ULTIMATE FROG delivers unrivaled hooking percentages in the near-surface angling environment. The ULTIMATE FROG Popper and Finesse models both come with replaceable legs to ensure lure longevity and have an MSRP of $17.99. They come in 2-inch and 2-and-a-half-inch sizes and eight biomimetic colours – Green/Yellow, Emerald/Brown, Tan/Brown, Brown/Black, Black/Black, Fluoro Green/Yellow, Emerald/Red, and Albino/White – that transform even the most sceptical predators into ravenous eating machines primed for surface attack.

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