Innovative modes are a world first!

The rising population of Silurus glanis (Wels Catfish) is one of the reasons why catfish fishing is becoming increasingly popular. This specialist niche is also becoming increasingly complex and modern, with finer setups and more delicate rods. There hasn’t been a bite alarm on the market yet that can convey every new fishing technique to the receiver however after more than one and a half years of software development, the engineers at Black Cat have put all imaginable events that can occur on the water into this small box. Behold the Battle Sounder!

The alarm can easily be connected to the supplied receiver thanks to the exclusive I-Com technology. Extensive field testing was undertaken to simulate every possible scenario, which was then incorporated into the alarm’s development. One of its numerous benefits is the ingenious quick-change adaptor that can be removed easily from the rod blank by simply twisting it.

Boat Mode

“For me, its the right balance of function and handling!” says Black Cat chief developer Stefan Seuß of the new Battle Sounder. It’s finally here: the all-around bite alarm for catfish anglers! Never before have I been so inspired and convinced by bite alarm technology. It delivers a simple operation, quick rod assembly, and a wide range of features that can adapt to any fishing circumstance. The incorporated boat mode offers consistent biting indications even while fishing from a boat!”

Digital, dynamic bite detection, an extremely sensitive adjustable tilt alert, and a snapback alarm are all included in the Battle Sounder. But it’s the Battle Sounder’s boat mode, which allows the angler to specify four different sensitivity settings and is essential for fishing from a moving boat, is the ultimate highlight. The high-quality cone loudspeaker allows anglers to choose any volume at which the sound is produced. The bite alarms can be turned off, leaving only the radio receiver and the LEDs to detect bites. There is also a night light on the device.


Rain, wind, dust, and cold have no effect on the Battle Sounder. The alarm has passed a class 6 IPP test, indicating that it is both waterproof and dustproof. External forces cannot affect the bite alarm because the entire housing is fully sealed. The alarm LED can be tuned to display multiple colours and the pitch and sensitivity can also be adjusted to eight different settings. When the alarm on the pre-tensioned catfish frod is triggered, it will measure the angle of the tensioned fishing rod and be ready to sound an alarm. The angler then uses the smart-touch mode to fine-tune the movement of the wind, wave, and baitfish.

When is it available and how much does it cost?

The Battle Sounder is available NOW! The individual bite alarm has a recommended retail price of €139.95, the receiver also costs €139.95 and the two-set including receiver is available for €399.95.

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