Four new products from Carp ‘R’ Us for 2023!

Boilie Giga Squid

Giga Squid belongs to the brands’ top range of boilies and for any angler wondering about what to take for big carp, this squid stunner could become the obvious choice. Boilies contain a mix of vegetables, but mainly high-quality fish and squid flours. Attractors “play” a fundamental role, which mainly includes squid essences, which Carp ‘R’ Us have combined for a long time so that the final aroma is not too sharp, but not too sweet either. 

After many hours in the lab, Carp ‘R’ Us have what they believe to be the most tasty and attractive boilies for carp, which will be picked up by carp with confidence all year round. The Giga Squid also contains the brands’ proprietary unique vitamin premix “Carp Immunity” which supports the fishes immune system and improves health.

Boilie Giga Squid boilies..

Boilie Crab

Boilies Crab is composed of high-quality vegetable grains, with a higher proportion of hemp flour. An essential part is also meat and fish meal, and especially a high dose of aromatic crab essence, which is proven to be naturally attractive to carp.

Boilies are designed to dissolve faster and thereby gradually release flavours and essences into the water. As a result, it becomes even more attractive and carp can find it faster. After being fed into the water, the outer layer if the boilie begins to peel off, releasing tempting attractors and small bits into the water, however it’s the centre of the boilie that remains hard.

The solubility of the boilies is roughly from 4 to 24 hours depending on the water temperature and it also depends on the activity of the white fish. Boilies is suitable for year-round fishing, it is mainly intended for active fishing, short walks or competitive fishing.

Boilie Crab

Braid Scissors

Carp ‘R’ Us have designed new special braid scissors for extra sharp cutting all kind of soft braid lines and rig hooklinks. Deadly sharp blades easily handles with the softest braid lines where the special surface treatment guarantees long life sharpness.

Braid Scissors

Total Contact Line / Base mono fishing line

The brands’ new ‘Total Contact Line’ is primarily intended for anglers who prefer to fish long distances using a boat but is also suitable for long distance casting. This mono line is great when fished over difficult areas with a large number of stones and other sunken obstacles.

Total Contact Line has low stretch, excellent strength and, thanks to a special surface treatment, it is extremely abrasion-resistant.

Supplied in spools of 1200 m and in diameters of 0.30 or 0.35 mm.

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