What to tell your customers

  • With the ever growing trend of feeder fishing across the UK and Europe, Daiwa have introduced a comprehensive range of feeders that will cover all feeder fishing applications.
  • For anglers looking to target fish at long distances the N’Zon distance feeder features a cone shaped weight at the front which cuts through the wind enabling greater distance and accuracy. The exaggerated clearance between the weight and the cage allows for easy loading of bait.
  • The more traditional open ended feeder has been designed for river and stillwater work and features a single moulded, impact tolerant plastic frame.
  • The cage feeders in the range feature an innovative ‘weight forward’ weight enabling the feeder to fly straight on the cast and retrieves smoothly. A perfect option for all stillwater work and rivers where up to 80g is needed to hold.
  • Of course, if anglers are looking for a cage feeder for fishing rivers, the square cage feeder will be ideal. Its square flat shape and super strong steel cage are perfect for rivers and feature a fixed wire stem and integrated swivel.
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