Monocoque technology for under $200

Now redesigned for a higher level of performance, the Daiwa Procyon MQ LT spinning reel family is back for freshwater and inshore applications. From speckled trout, redfish and snook to bass, walleye and trout and bass, the Procyon MQ LT offers anglers the perfect reel for the pursuit.

The Procyon MQ LT is available in five sizes – from the PCNMQLT1000D model for panfish, ice fishing and trout to the PCNMQ4000D-CXH, which fits the bill nicely for inshore angling and larger freshwater fish pursuits.

Check out the feature set. First, the series boasts a one-piece monocoque Zaion V body (below) that allows less body and frame flex providing better support on the gears and bearings and allows increased torque and power while providing longer life to the gears. Anglers will find that the one-piece monocoque Zaion V body of the Procyon MQ LT is incredibly lightweight when they pick it up and put it on their favorite rod.

The Procyon MQ LT features an Air Rotor engineered to be very rigid, especially at high drag pressures with little flex. The Procyon MQ LT also has generous cut-outs in its engineering design, which reduces the weight of the Air Rotor. The lighter the rotor, the less inertia it takes to spin around the reel. This makes it much easier to crank the handle.

The new reels also showcase a tubular air bail that reduces weight and offers more rigidity than standard wire, so you get less flex and bending or breaking. The tubular air bail is also manufactured with thicker material that feels good on the fingers when flipping the bail by hand.

Another element of the series is DIGIGEAR® technology, digitally for considerably better gear meshing increase smoothness and gear wear.

Anglers will also find Daiwa’s distinctive Advanced Tournament Drag (ATD™) a benefit for setting the hook and fighting fish. When you set the hook, the reel instantly adds drag resistance, and then as the fish starts pulling drag, the ATD drag curve automatically returns to your prescribed setting.

The Procyon AL family features Long Cast ABS spool as well. The design of the spool’s lip allows the line to exit the reel at a much tighter cone-shaped angle, meeting the guide train with less resistance and force, alleviating wind knots and allowing for longer casts.

Lastly, Daiwa’s Procyon AL features a machined screw-in handle that connects directly to the main drive gear and rubber handle knob for a solid grip.

Daiwa Senior Marketing Manager Marc Mills comments: “The Procyon MQ LT is coming in at $179.99. This is the lowest price point that you can get the MQ body. At under $200, you get the MQ body, Air Rotor, Air Bail, Digigear, a direct-drive machined aluminum screw-in handle, and an all-new colour and design with the vibrant island blue highlights and silver on top of silver. It’s a nice-looking and performing reel for freshwater or inshore applications. And it is family priced all the way from a 1000 size to 4000 size reel.”

Mills continues: “This reel is intended for the angler who wants to make the switch to Daiwa MQ technology-driven reels, more power, better durability with bigger gears, and smooth operation. The customer could be anyone from a trout angler to an inshore fisherman. The reel features 6+1 ball bearings. The 1000 also features 11 pounds of drag which is great for panfish, trout, ice fishing, and ultra-finesse presentations; then we bump up the 2000, 2500, and 3000 to 22 pounds of drag. And then the 4000 – which is going to be great for inshore fishing – features 26.4 pounds of drag.”

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