Just when you thought that the highly sought-after Tatula reel family couldn’t get any better, Daiwa has launched the new Tatula 300 that’s been specifically designed for throwing big bass baits.

What to tell your customers

  • This is for anglers that need that little bit extra in a baitcaster when using bigger cranks, swimbaits and other presentations for even bigger fish.
  • Struggling with restricted casting distance and backlashes? The inclusion of Daiwa’s T-Wing Level Wind system allows line to easily fly off the spool. This means longer casts, under control.
  • Wind can play havoc when using baitcasters, reducing distance and increasing the risk of backlashes, however Daiwa’s Magforce Z magnetic casting system allows anglers to make fine adjustments to the reel’s behaviour. Depending on wind conditions, the rods anglers are using and overall aerodynamics of the baits being cast, these fine adjustments can be made easily to overcome any problems.
  • The Tatula’s drag system won’t let you down either. Bigger baits mean bigger fish which also means more stopping power is required. The Tatula 300 delivers a maximum drag of 28.7lbs whereas most other 300 size baitcasters bottom out at 22lb. It’s these differences that mean more fish landed.
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