Neko rigging just got an upgrade!

In the early 2000s, the Wacky Rig revolutionised bass fishing by providing an unusual but extremely effective method of rigging soft plastic worms. Years later, Japanese finesse anglers redesigned the presentation, developing an even more lethal method of duping inactive and stressed fish: Neko Rigs. Since then, the fishing world has been inundated with unique Neko baits, weights, and hooks. Daiwa now offers an even more refined Neko bait – the new Yamamoto NEKO CRAWLER.

The 5″ NEKO CRAWLER combines Daiwa’s previous NEKO FAT and NEKO STRAIGHT baits, taking key elements from each to create the number one Neko bait! Its seemingly straightforward profile is infused with plenty of intel and tech. For starters, the NEKO CRAWLER has been designed with legendary Yamamoto know-how for more wiggle – you know, that unique trembling action that drives bass nuts. Secondly, the NEKO CRAWLER has a large diameter nose that provides additional surface for inserting Neko weights ranging from drywall screws to specialty weights. And thirdly, Yamamoto’s ingenuity resulted in a buoyant soft plastic bait that stood straight on the deck enabling fish to take it unhindered.

Why does the Neko Crawler reign supreme?

The 5″ NEKO CRAWLER is the ultimate solution for triggering fish in difficult conditions such as crystal clear water. Its subtlety attracts fish that tend to over-analyse offerings. The same is true for cold water, where bass approach slowly, giving them time to carefully examine a presentation. In general, the 5″ NEKO CRAWLER attracts strikes from sleepy fish that ignore everything else.
This subtlety can also be found in Daiwa’s palette of ten field-tested natural colours, because, as anglers we know it’s sometimes that seemingly microscopic colour change that changes a fish’s mind.

The 5” NEKO CRAWLER is available now and has eight baits to a pack with an MSRP of $8.99.

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