Avid bass anglers have a whole new option to quickly fill their tackle boxes with the best Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp tackle.

What to tell your customers

  • Three unique kits that contain all the tackle anglers need for fishing a variety of methods.
  • The Finesse/Neko and Wacky kit contains the latest Pro-V L137 Needlepoint finesse hooks and time-tested L097 Wacky hooks including 5” YUM dingers lures, finesse nail weights and wacky o-rings.
  • The Finesse/Ned Jig kit contains the latest LNJ Pro-V series of Finesse jigs with 3” YUM dingers lures. Even timid bass won’t be able to resist this finesse presentation!
  • Completing the line-up, the Drop Shot kit will have bass attacking the YUM Sharpshooter and Warning Shots lures. This kit includes cylinder drop shot weights and the new L6 Drop Shot hook.

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