Crankbait perfection straight out of the box!

Every millimetre of the ZR-4 has been meticulously designed to serve a purpose by Japan’s most advanced lure makers. Straight out of the box, anglers will notice the bait’s idyllic profile, which mimics the shape of baitfish and edible juvenile fish all over the world. The bait’s body has been sculpted with great precision, including detailed eyeballs, scale patterns and gills to give it a very realistic appearance.

Now, while that level of detail may not be important when burning a crankbait, it does come into play on slower retrieves and pauses, especially in clear conditions and on pressured fish that like to take their time making that killer decision.

The secret behind the ZR-4’s effectiveness

The ZR-4 has a bill that is both square and concave. The squaring produces a tight action that deflects off structure such as timber and rocks whilst the curvature displaces more water than a traditional bill, resulting in more water disruption and a faster dive to its prescribed 4-to-5-foot range. The ZR-4’s distinctive bumped head and tapered tail were also designed for a distinct and precise action. It’s difficult to find another crankbait body that’s better designed to achieve a common goal: flawless action.

Proven fish catching colours from Ever Green’s Ten-Colour palette

The colour patterns on the ZR-4 are equally sophisticated. Airbrushed colours layer into one another on the bluegill pattern Green Pumpkin Gill, for example, exactly as they would on the real thing. Ever Green’s ten-colour palette includes both classic bass-attracting hues and novel colour combinations. Olive Crawdad, Glow Shad Dazzler, Flash Wakasagi, Magic Gill, Green Pumpkin Gill, Citrus Chart, Cold Shad, and Olive Copper Shad are some of the patterns available.

Distance and tracking

Ever Green also incorporates fixed weights into the body of the ZR-4 to lower the centre of gravity. As a result, the crankbait casts longer and straighter and tracks in perfect position on the retrieve. Finally, to prevent snags, the ZR-4 has an offset hook on the front treble.

Main features

  • Length: 2.8” (7.2cm)
  • Weight: 11/16 oz (19.5g)
  • Dives 4-5 feet
  • Tight and precise action
  • Fixed weights for lower gravity to improve casting and tracking
  • Offset front treble hook to reduce snagging
  • Bump head and tapered tail for premium action
  • Exquisite details include accurate eyeballs, gills, and scale patterns
  • 10 unique fish-catching patterns
  • MSRP: $18.99
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