The latest product from the Fjuka lab targets trout and predators!

The man behind the Fjuka bait revolution’, David Preston, has been at it again but this time he’s got lure and predator anglers in his sights. The bait maestro has developed a bait that’s sure to tease those trout and pick off those perch thanks to a bright and flashy mouldable bait that oozes a secret attractor! Read on to discover how the all-new Fjuka lurebait could benefit you..

IT STAYS ON THE HOOK – Lurebait is a soft food bait, but unlike paste-baits it’s durable enough to be hooked directly. You can cast, catch, reel in, then cast again.

ADDED ATTRACTION – Lurebait can be moulded to make lures of any shape that taste great and leave a powerful taste trail. They can also be moulded to add visual and taste attraction to manufactured lures.

FAST HOOKING – Lurebait comes in individual hookbaits that are ready to be moulded and hooked directly straight from the pot. This means that you’re ready to fish in seconds!

SENSATE™ FISH ACCELERANT. Sensate™ is Lurebait’s secret system for delivering attractants into the water FASTER to stir the senses of the fish and lure in those lunkers! Here’s the science part – In every Lurebait these Sensate™ attractants are loaded onto very fine food particles; just 0.4 of a thousandth of a mm in diameter. So when the Lurebait hits the water, Sensate™ attractants disperse instantly and carry further. In water, Sensate™ Fish Accelerant gives off 3,000 times the taste and smell of normal oil-based attractants for example. That’s powerful!

HELPS CATCH IN ALL CONDITIONS – The unique combination of super-simulating colours plus Sensate™ quick-release attractants is irresistible to trout, brownies, rainbows, grayling, perch, zander & pike. Plus a bright biodegradable glitter coating makes it effective at every level of light.

MORE FISH AND BETTER BITES – Lurebait is made using soft food ingredients that fish love. Trout anglers have reported massive success on all kinds of waters catching brownies, rainbows and grayling. Lure anglers have also reported takes from huge perch, zander and pike. Quite simply, Lurebait catches everything!

IT’S GREAT VALUE TOO – Each pot contains approx. 90, 9mm soft hookbaits and at just £5.99 a pot, it’s going to last!

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