What to tell your customers

  • Long days on the water can result in tired eyes, headaches and fatigue and because of this, anglers need eyewear that’s functional, comfortable and stylish. Well, here it is, the Drop Back frame style from Flying Fisherman.
  • No more fogged up lenses and reduced airflow as the Drop Back range features a vented frame style.
  • Anglers will benefit from the featherweight design, and soft touch finish for stylish comfort.
  • No more headaches as the scratch-resistant polarised lenses block glare and 100 per cent of all harmful UV rays.
  • Being able to see clearly in bright conditions is paramount when fishing, so Flying Fisherman’s AcuTint lens colouring system firstly eliminates glare reflected off the water and secondly enhances colour contrast without distorting natural colours. The result is that visual sharpness is enhanced as well as comfort.

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