Upgrades and new versions revealed! 

Tasmanian ‘Tassie’ Devils are iconic Australian baits that have been taking lure fishing by storm for more than 40 years

The surefire fish catchers are popular across the globe and brand owner Gillies this week introduced five new versions and upgrades at the Australian Fishing Trade Association show.

Gillies Product Manager Billy Parsons sent Angling International pictures for the rest of the world to see straight after the launch of the models, which include the Tassie Devil Pegron, Live Skin, Lead-Free, Ford Fenders and Cow Bells.

The new Tasmanian Devil Live Skin range is said to take colours and designs of the lure to a new level. With state-of-the-art film, the team has replicated actual fish patterns off high-resolution images and transposed them onto the world-famous lures.

Parsons told us: “With ten new colours in the first production and more to come in late 2022, we are excited to introduce the Live Skin range into the Tassie Devil family.”

Gillies brand, Wigston’s Lures – where the Tassie Devil originated – has developed the new lead-free version of the lure to satisfy the demands of various countries and waterways around the world that have prohibited lead-based lures.

Parsons said: “From the naked eye the lure will appear and swim exactly like the original, but at the core is a very sophisticated balance of materials that are more environmentally friendly.”

The Tasmanian Devil Pegron range of lures have a trademark swaying action that is said to simply drive predators crazy. They are best used with a slow retrieve, or hopped along the bottom. Available in ten proven fish-catching colours

The Devil Cow Bells trolling rig simulates a school of fish and features flashing blades to attract trout.

The Ford Fender design is the best known style of inline trolling attractors, luring fish from far and wide with its flashing blades. It is now available in five new colour patterns.

Gillies also launched a wide range of other lures, including additions to its Bluewater range and new waders.

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