What to tell your customers

  • Built on the innovative and patented Headbanger technique, the versatile Headbanger RockerHead takes creature bait fishing to the next level.
  • It features a zinc head and a custom weedless worm hook that is easily replaced thanks to the smart wire eyelet.
  • The Headbanger RockerHead gives an unmatched erratic action to craws, creature baits and lizards.
  • Use it with a simple straight retrieve, yo-yo jigging, or drag it along the bottom and bounce it off of rocks and trees, and the Headbanger RockerHead will produce the best action you’ve ever seen.
  • Weighing in at 11g, the RockerHead comes in a 4/0 hook size and three colours – Green Pumpkin, Black and Muddy Brown.
  • Check out the video below…
The RockerHead from Headbanger Lures
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