Time-tested bait redesigned to include glass rattle chamber

Looking to put more fish on the ice? Look no further than Northland Fishing Tackle’s new Glass Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon, a wonder on walleyes and other gamefish species.

While the new Glass Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon is moulded from metal, it features a realistic and translucent ‘glass’ baitfish pattern. A noisy, high-pitched glass rattle chamber – something the fish haven’t heard before – in tandem with the highly-reflective patterns lure fish in from a wide radius. It thumps, ticks, clicks and clatters and rings an immediate dinner bell for jumbo perch, slab crappies, walleyes, bass, trout and pike. The way it flutters, flashes and rattles entice fish to investigate and bite…

Northland pro Brian ‘Bro’ Brosdahl is a long-time fan of the Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon, Bro Bug Spoon, and Buckshot Coffin Spoon, having put literally thousands of fish on the ice thanks to the unique action of each. But he says the new Glass Buck-Shot® Rattle Spoon occupies its own special niche with its high-pitched rattle and translucent, glassy finish.

Brosdahl says where the Glass Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon really excels is in pressured fishing situations with a lot of anglers on the ice. “I was using it at a Northland photo shoot and was in the centre of a group of anglers trying to catch walleyes. Everybody was using something different, and it was my Glass Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon that iced the ‘over’ of the day – a 28½-inch beauty.

“The other thing,” says Brosdahl, “it’s a real multi-species slayer. Everything eats it. It’s all about your jigging cadence. Just a quick shake to get things moving and then a sweep gets the colour out there. It’s a great-looking lure. It’s glossy, refracts the smallest amount of light and deadly on pot-bellied perch and big crappies.”

Find out more by watching the video of the Glass Buckshot Rattle Spoon here

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