Introducing the ‘first non-toxic solution in jig fishing in the USA’

“We want to be the first company to solve the toxic problem in fishing, from colourants to weights, and will be distributing multiple lines of lures using our patent-pending process internationally.”

So says Jeff Coffey, the founder and CEO of the Zoe Angling Group which has just launched its PIVIT non-toxic jigheads. Coffey is on a mission to clean up fishing.

Jeff Coffey, founder and CEO of the Zoe Angling Group

The Tacklestream team met with Coffey in Orlando in July and felt the full force of his commitment to his project. Be assured, you will be using a PIVIT jighead in years to come, no matter where you are in the world. Coffey has been building up production teams overseas for seven years to be able to produce its products, and now he is ready.

“We now have the capacity to meet demand for PIVIT products. Our aim is the removal of lead from fishing with recycled, sustainable materials that will not only replace it, but improves the whole angling experience.”

The centrepiece of the range, the Trailer Jig, is made of a non-toxic alloy over-moulded with the company’s proprietary plastic. The second component to the system is an innovative design that allows anglers to change the hook to match the weight of the fish that is being pursued or when it becomes dull.

“Together, these two features create a lure that will last longer before being thrown and left in the waterway,” added Coffey. “This is the beginning of our product line of innovative ways to replace lead in all weighted lures and sinkers.

“Many countries across Europe have legislation in place restricting the use of lead in fishing gear and it will eventually happen in the US. Our goal is to be the premier brand of non-toxic lures as we move towards removing toxins like lead from our waterways.”

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