What to tell your customers

  • Anglers will be lining up outside Rapala dealers when they see the 12 new mouth watering custom colours for the Down Deep Husky Jerks!
  • The lures themselves have a really wide wobbling action that is perfect for anglers trolling wide-open basins where walleye are the quarry.
  • Thanks to an over-sized, deep -diving lip, the Deep Down Husky can reach depths of up to and around 20 feet when trolled and run extremely straight at the same time.
  • Fishing from the bank? No problem – It will run at a depth of 10 feet when simply cast and retrieved.
  • The lures neutral buoyancy allows the lure to suspend in the strike zone on a paused retrieve and features a fine-tuned internal rattle system that add a loud and rhythmic attraction.
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