What to tell your customers

  • Crankbait anglers are in for a treat with Rapala’s OG Slim 6. Designed by Bassmaster Classic Champion Ott DeFoe, the OG Slim 6 is a flat-sided balsa crankbait that has that all-important ‘live-minnow’ action on the retrieve.
  • The hook placement has been carefully thought out to solve the issue of fish throwing hooks. The hooks on the OG Slim 6 are No.3 VMC black-nickel short shank hybrid trebles which, with a short shank, keep the hook closer to the baits therefore denying the fish any leverage to throw the hook.
  • The lure lends itself very well to a steady and slow retrieve with plenty of pauses in between. With a diving depth of up to six feet, it’s a lure that can cover plenty of water.
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