The Claw Connector from Zebco Sports brand, Rhino, boosts landing rate!

  • Anglers are always looking to figure out ways that increase their hook up and landing rate when fishing. This latest rig from Rhino has proven to do just that and is now available to anglers.
  • The unique feature of the Claw Connector rig is that it creates an off-set exposure of the hook. This means that anglers are able to use smaller and better penetrating hooks.
  • It’s the shape of the claw that leads the hook further down on the backside of the jaw, where its easier to hook the fish compared to the top of the jaw.
  • The secret of the Claw Connector is its curved hook extension that improves the exposure of the hook.
  • During field testing the Claw Connector achieved a 50 per cent increased landing rate of all fish caught on a size 12 hook compared to a more larger traditional hook commonly found on trout lures.
  • The Claw Connector is available in two versions – one for lures, metal spoons, threaded spoons and spinners – and one for in-line lures. The system is also available in four hook sizes from 12 to 6 and can be used for all predatory species from trout and seabass to pike, zander and bass.

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