Shimano launch long awaited pole range for 2023

Exceptional, dynamic, and precise: the Aero Competition pole range has been meticulously designed to outperform all competitors. A one-of-a-kind blend of high-function design and technically advanced Japanese carbon has been created in perfect harmony. The Aero Competition models go above and beyond even the highest expectations, with individuality and poise to master any situation.

The Aero Competition pole range has been in development for many years. Using a dynamic development programme that was carried out without compromise, the design team made the best use of Shimano’s leading carbon engineers. As a result, a new advanced taper mandrel and a combination of high-quality Japanese carbon are used to maximise functionality across the board. This has been backed up by countless hours of secret testing and trials conducted across Europe in the never-ending pursuit of perfection. The new advanced taper mandrel is at the heart of the three Aero Competition pole ranges.
This has been designed to maximise performance at the longest 16-metre length while sacrificing performance at shorter lengths for competition use. All top kits and large sections are fully interchangeable for maximum versatility and, if desired, customisation. All lengths stated are correct and true, ensuring compliance with FIPSed international rule restrictions.

Shimano’s Nick Speed putting the Aero pole range through its paces.

The range

Aero Competition Pro
The Aero Competition Pro is the pinnacle of performance. A pole that inspires confidence, provides a noticeable performance advantage, and allows you to compete at the highest level on a global scale. It is one of the lightest 16m poles on the market, but it is strong enough to fish for all competition-sized species (including carp) without fear of failure.

Aero Competition X7
The Aero Competition X7 is extremely versatile and brings high performance to a wider audience. This true all-rounder can be used on all international venues, employing both commercial carp and silver fish techniques. When using the Aero Pro Match top kits (exactly the same as the Aero Competition Pro), you will feel the response and lightness of an ultra high-end silver fish pole, especially at lengths up to 14.5m. When the Aero Pro F1 or Aero Pro Power kits are installed, the pole is transformed into a strong, robust model capable of catching a large number of match-sized carp.

Aero Competition X5
The Aero Competition X5 offers the latest design technology and features found in Shimano’s top pole at a mid-range price point. Built on the same mandrel as the world-class Aero Competition Pro, but with a stronger, more robust carbon construction, it’s an excellent mid-range option for versatility and strength.

Key features

Key features across the range

Reinforcing Shimano’s commitment to producing the very best, the Aero Competition range contains many key features which increase functionality, versatility and performance.

Highest Quality Japanese Carbon

All Aero concept pole are made from the finest quality carbon available.

Advanced Taper Design

All Aero poles use an advanced taper design creating superior balance and weigh distribution, which makes a stiffer and more responsive pole at longer lengths.

Aero Joint

On the male joints the Diamond finish allows your sections to not get stuck together but also prevents them from working apart in normal use. Additionally, the female joints have 1k weave & cross carbon weave to reduce the chances of sections cracking under the pressure of your elbow.

Shimano Alignment System

When the alignment markers are lined up this gives the pole the maximum stiffness and responsiveness due to the spine of the pole being lined up.

Shimano Ultra Sound Sanding

The finish on each section has a smooth ship finish which make the pole easy to handle in all weather conditions.

Premium Understated Graphics

These graphics offer a sleek design with minimum weight implications, that doesn’t affect the balance of the pole.

Aero Concept Interchangeability

Aero Top Kits and sections across the Aero Pole concept are fully interchangeable.

Elastic Rated Top Kits

All Top Kits have a true elastic rating.

Pure PTFE bushes

All Top Kits feature as standard pure PTFE Bushes.

Reinforced Bands On Top Kits

All Aero Pole top kits feature a 40mm reinforced band

Tip Diameters

Match Kit – Internal PTFE: 3.8mm Internal Tip: 4.4mm

Power Kit – Internal PTFE: 4.2mm Internal Tip: 5.0mm

F1 Top Kit – Internal PTFE: 3.8mm Internal Tip: 4.4mm

Same Length Top Kits

Match and Power Top Kits plus Cupping Kit are the same length for accurate feeding and take apart in two equal lengths for better transportation.

Top Kit Depth Markers

All Aero Top kits feature uniform depth markers to ensure accurate depth setting and adjustment.

Aero Cupping Kits

Aero Pro Cupping Kit comes with 2 cups.

True Length

Aero Competition poles have true lengths ensuring compliance with FIPSed international rule restrictions.

Aero Pole Holdall

all Aero Poles come in a premium rigid holdall.

Protective Tubes

Poles and kits come in protective tubes.

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