Go the distance with this new swimbait from Shimano!

Shimano’s ARMAJOINT 190SF overcomes the difficulties of casting a large jointed swimbait in search of trophy fish. The brands proprietary all-new ARMA BOOST technology is used by lure designers to significantly increase casting distance and accuracy by reducing unnecessary air resistance and the likelihood of the lure spinning during flight. As the angler casts the lure, ARMA BOOST technology allows the lure to detach from an internal magnet and fold into a compact shape. When the lure hits the water, its body re-engages with the magnet, resulting in a smooth and natural swimming action. Shimano’s proprietary FLASH BOOST technology is also featured on ARMAJOINT, which emits a fish-attracting flash during the retrieve, by suspending a reflective foil on micro springs to mimic the flashing behaviour of an injured baitfish.


The ARMAJOINT 190SF is a versatile lure that can be retrieved quickly or slowly, allowing anglers to adapt their retrieve to the situation. The ARMAJOINT normally swims in an S-pattern, but due to the fold in its body, the bait does not flare out when stopped. Anglers can capitalise on the ARMAJOINT 190SF’s natural slow-rising action by slowing the retrieve and pausing it. The ARMAJOINT 190SF was designed with a purpose in mind, leveraging innovation and technology to improve angler performance while attracting strikes from tournament-winning bass. Each ARMAJOINT 190SF weighs 1 708 oz (73 g), measures 7 12 in (190 mm), and dives up to 1 foot on the retrieve.

Ghost Trout, S Gizzard, ST BW Shad, N Hasu, and ST BW Shad are the five colours available and will retail at $42.99

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