Voted as the winner in the Best Saltwater Lure Category at ICAST Online 2020.

What to tell your customers

  • For anglers that require the ultimate in baitfish representation Shimano’s SP Orca FB 150S (Flash Boost) offers serious attraction.
  • Matching the physical movements of baitfish and the visual aspect, the SP-Orca features revolutionary Flash Boost Technology that constantly emits that all important fish-attracting flash, even on the pause.
  • Flash Boost technology suspends foil on small internal springs that perfectly mimic the movements and flash of an injured baitfish.
  • Long casts to far out fish are simple thanks to Shimano’s ‘Propulsion Weight Transfer System’ that lets anglers cast further.
  • Anglers targeting pelagic species have the choice of six colours depending on how the fish are wanting it on the day!


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