Take to the seas with Shimano’s Spheros

The Spheros SW is a remarkable balance between technology and price. This means that anglers on a budget can really get to appreciate some of the top tech found in Shimano’s reels.

The Spheros SW is available in a wide range of sizes to cover almost all saltwater methods from light-medium in-shore lure fishing, up to tropical Big Game Popper fishing for the most aggressive GT’s and Tuna.

the reel contains contains many technological features found on high end SW heavy duty models, including Shimano’s latest innovation called Infinity Drive that delivers lighter and more powerful winding. Other features include HAGANE GEAR and X-Ship gearing for maximum winding power while the HAGANE BODYkeeps the reels body free from any distortion under pressure.

All in all the Spheros SW is a versatile reel that’s ideal for casting and can also be used for jigging, casting and bottom fishing without fear of it being overpowered.

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