Flashy jerkbaits that go the distance and look out of this world!

The World Minnow 115SP from Shimano is packed full of fish catching technology that makes it stand out from many other jerkbaits. It features Flash Boost that ensures the lure is giving of high levels of attraction even when it’s suspended under water. There is a thin piece of foil built into the lure that’s suspended on very fine springs that ensure it’s constantly moving.

For distance, the World Minnow is helped along by it’s internal weight transfer system called Jet Boost that ensures the weights are in the correct position during and immediately after your cast!

And finally, Scale Boost – The jerkbaits feature an internal holographic scale pattern that plays havoc with fish and their visual senses.

Shimano’s World Minnow 115SP weighs in at just 17g, and is armed with three sets of treble hooks along its body ensuring maximum hook-up potential.

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