What to tell your customers

  • If its sensitivity anglers desire in a rod, then the all-new Zodias Bass Rods make their mark with Shimano’s Carbon Monocoque grips and super light and rigid CI4 reel seats.
  • Traditional rod handles can dull sensitivity; however, the CI4+ reel seat offers up to 130 per cent more sensitivity.
  • There’s a Zodias in the range for all applications from fishing crankbaits to spinnerbaits, jigs and worms so no angler is forgotten.
  • For casting distance and accuracy, all of the rod blanks feature Hi-Power X that eliminates any blank twist. Hi-Power X is a unique process that’s blended into lightweight blanks, with carbon tape added in a 45-degree ‘X’ pattern that provides what’s called ‘Tortional Rigidity’ that prevents the blank twisting during the cast.
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