How Sonik made a bivvy to last

What does it take to make a big-selling bivvy? For Sonik’s ever-popular AXS Bivvy it took a moment of inspiration followed by six discarded attempts at the final frame design. So the next time you are sitting comfortably on the bank, enjoying the space all around you and thanking Sonik for its smart design, spare a thought for Sonik’s Product Development Manager, James Temple. This is what it took for him to deliver a perfect bivvy to market.

1. What the carp market demanded

Temple explains: “In 2017, after the successful launch of the SK-TEK pram-hood bivvy range, we knew that to seriously compete in the bivvy market we would need a quick-erect, free-standing bivvy design that could compete with anything currently on the market. And I knew exactly where I wanted to make improvements.”

2. The design takes shape

Temple continues the story: “First and foremost, I wanted to achieve the perfect size and shape. The centre hub style does allow for a steep-sided bivvy which maximises internal space and we combined it with a flat rectangular back perfectly sized for even the largest of bedchairs. This has the added advantage of making the front coverage even more generous which is particularly appreciated by anglers that like to fish with the system open-fronted. We created plenty of room for gear at each side of the bed, all well protected by the large peak and deep sides.

3. Seven attempts in the factory

Says Temple: “I remember the pain of getting to that final stage. We had to go through seven iterations of frame design before the first canopy patterns were cut. It took a full week in the July heat of China, but it yielded great results. I remember the moment I was able to test-fit one of the new sleep systems into the bivvy prototype. Sitting there in the middle of the Chinese workshop with plenty of head room and lots over coverage, I knew that this was going to be an awesome product.”

4. The final product is created

Temple says: “Over the next few months, working both in China and the UK, the final product materialised. Going with the plastic block design did mean that we were able to up-spec the material. The final range plan included an AXS brolly configuration which was our stripped-back design. This product is far superior to any oval brolly system, in my opinion.”

5. Big sales and minimal failures

Over the last four years the AXS bivvy range has been an unbelievable success for Sonik, proving itself in a competitive market. Says Temple: “Much of the background work was done to the block, developing and strengthening its design. It is a testament to this work that we have had comparatively very few failures on the block on this bivvy, especially when you take into consideration the thousands that have been sold.”

For more information on the Sonik AXS Bivvy range and other products click here

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