Your favourite lure brands could be selling you lures made out of… sand!

The editors at Angling International – the business magazine that owns Tacklestream – have been given a sneak preview of a groundbreaking new technology that its owners say could transform the look and feel of lures and terminal tackle in a world where lead is banned. They were even given the chance to view some prototype lures on display at the industry’s biggest tackle show, ICAST in Orlando. You can see them pictured here.

The technology is called SUNA (Smart Unlimited Natural Angling) and the company that has introduced it to the market is Ockert, which has a powerful reputation in Europe and around the world thanks to its brands that include Sportex rods and Climax fishing lines.

Ockert’s Managing Director, Jan Willenbruch, told Angling International: “The industry can expect a lead ban very soon in the EU, and other countries across the globe are also considering similar restrictions. For many applications in fishing SUNA is not only the way out of lead before it gets banned but it can also significantly increase your catch-rate when boosted by flavours and other attractants.

SUNA is a secret composite and manufacturing process that can transform one of the most abundant natural materials into a mouldable compound. Says Willenbruch: “The composite is purely natural and full of proteins. Sand is a heavy natural resource that is very solid, hard and can be moulded to form any shape needed for fishing. Its potential is endless.

“It is a non-toxic composite, practically edible and totally safe for humans, fish and water. It is also 100% environmentally friendly. If it is lost in the water, it completely dissolves after 48 to 72 hours. The product can also be used endless times as it completely dries once it is out of the water.”

Will the industry – and the world’s anglers – go for it? Why not, says Willenbruch. “SUNA offers decisive advantages over traditional products made from lead, brass or other materials as it can be used in conjunction with attractants. The patented composite we are using is basically protein – a natural attractant itself – and can be enriched by flavours, colours and other components that start to bleed out when used in water. In addition to colour, shape, noise and movement, a SUNA product adds an extra dimension by deceiving fish and substantially improving your catch-rate.”

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