High end trebles set new standard in fresh and saltwater fishing!

Something really special has been under development at French hook manufacturer VMC for the last two years. Now, after numerous prototypes and countless hours of testing, the project can be revealed.

VMC, famous for its advanced hook technology, has unveiled a new range of trebles that it describes as ‘super exciting for avid predator anglers.’

The Kaptain Series is a collection of premium treble hooks that is the latest addition to its high-end 75’ Series. And it is in shops now.

The flagship series is made up of two ranges in different strengths – Kaptain 3X for medium-sized predators such as pike, catfish, peacock bass, aïmara, snakehead, barramundi and sea bass; and Kaptain 6X for more brutal quarry like GT, grouper, dogtooth tuna and other tropical species.

“This is a very important moment for us for a number of reasons,” Brand Manager Pierre Chapelle has told Tacklestream.

VMC Brand Manager – Pierre Chapelle

“These hooks incorporate features and technology that cannot be found in any other hooks in this category. They clearly set a new standard in freshwater and saltwater predator fishing.

“This is the largest project I have ever worked on in my 13 years in the industry,” added Chapelle. “VMC has not had such a launch in its premium treble hook range in the last six years.”

So why this type of hook and why now?

“The idea came from the captains and guides that we work with,” explains Chapelle. “They made it clear they wanted a treble that was sharper and stronger than anything else available. They wanted a hook specially developed for their particular style of fishing –  Kaptain 6X dedicated mainly to GT on poppers and stickbaits and Kaptain 3X for ‘jumpy’ fish when guides need a hook that stays locked in place.

“These guys, from places including Madagascar, Panama, Australia, Sri Lanka and France, spend up to 200 days a year on the water and have huge experience and knowledge. They are worth listening to. We saw an opportunity and, many prototypes later, we have produced a hook that they are happy with. We knew we had the right hook when they began asking for more.”

It’s all about the coating and the curve

Key among the new technical features built into the Kaptain Series is the Coastal PTFE coating. PTFE is well-known to demanding carp anglers, providing much better hook penetration (up to 50%) through lower friction. VMC has considerable knowledge about PTFE coating for freshwater applications. Until now it was not suitable for saltwater fishing, but VMC has developed a new coating technology to provide at least 120 hours of corrosion resistance in saltwater.

The hooks also have the new VMC Technical Locking Curve™️ shape (an improved version of the famous Barbarian shape) already used in high-end singles and designed to keep the fish secured on the hook. Along with its dark grey Coastal PTFE finish, it makes Kaptain hooks instantly recognisable.

Another key feature is the introduction of the Easy Eye™️, incorporated in 6X sizes 3/0 to 6/0. Designed with boat anglers in mind, the Easy Eye makes it safer as well as simpler for guides and anglers to change hooks on the split rings without damaging them.

In addition, the use of VMC high-end Vanadium™️ wire makes the hooks stronger and lighter.

The 3X will be available in sizes 8 to 2/0, while the 6X will come in sizes 1 to 6/0. The entire range will be available in barbed and barbless versions.

What about the price point?

VMC makes no apologies for positioning Kaptain hooks at the higher end when it comes to price. “The cost is higher because we have included so many new technologies,” explains Chapelle. “The aim is to be best in class and the price point was not really a consideration. The cost of hooks is nothing compared to rods and reels, yet they are such a vital piece of equipment.”

What next for VMC?

The French company has been quick to identify other applications for the Coastal PTFE coating and is now implementing the technology across all its high-end hooks (circle, livebait and single). “There is greater potential for this unique development,” says Chapelle.

“In the past four years, VMC has introduced numerous successful products to the market. The strategy is clear – to strive to build specific and innovative products developed in cooperation with the most avid anglers on this planet.”

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