The wait is almost over!

We’ve been monitoring the launch of something very special from the team at Z-Man Fishing and finally we can bring you some of the first images of its brand new Micro Finesse range of baits.

Tacklestream’s John Watson has been keeping tabs on the development of these awesome new profiles with Z-Man’s head of marketing Cory Schmidt and what is about to become clear is that these new baits are set to take the finesse fishing side of the sport to a whole new level.

“It’s no secret that for a number of years I have been having great success using Z-Man soft plastics in my fishing. The baits have that certain something that fill me with the utmost of confidence when using them and from the very first time I rigged up one of the companies famous TRD’s I was straight into fish. You see, they have so many advantages from different profiles and sizes, fantastic colours, the incredible ElaZtech “biteproof” compound and of course their wizardry ability to catch you plenty of fish.”

“But now, they’ve changed the game with the introduction of a Micro Finesse range that when I’ve been speaking to Cory about it he has been more than excited and has been playing his cards very close to his chest. I can see why too (now).” The Micro Finesse range is just that, micro! These baits feature a scaled down version of two of Z-Man’s biggest selling baits, the TRD (Micro TRD) and the TicklerZ (Tiny TicklerZ) however there are three other brand new profiles that are sure to play on the senses of fish. They are the Shad FryZ, StingerZ, and LarvaZ.

All the baits feature Z-Man’s 10X Tough ElaZtech material that is both super buoyant and durable meaning that these baits will last fish after fish after fish!

Micro Finesse ShroomZ

Of course, with scaled down micro sized baits you’re going to need a hook to match them with. Well, once again Z-Man has delivered with its brand new Micro ShroomZ. These are simply a scaled down version of its hugely popular Finesse ShroomZ Ned Rig Jig Head and boy do they look the part!

The Micro ShroomZ will be available in a size 6 and 4 with a choice of weights – 1/30oz and 1/20oz for the size 6 whilst the size 4 is built on either a 1/15oz or a 1/10oz.


Looking at the range as a whole, it’s clear to see that there is a system in place which means that ringing the changes to fish either on the deck or through the water, whatever the situation, is a simple and quick process. Just change the bait to suit – Want to fish on the bottom with a natural looking presentation? stick the LarvaZ on and work it slow. Or do you want to provoke fish to give chase? Then try the Shad FryZ. What id the fish are somewhere in the middle? Simply fish the StingerZ on a vertical line and impart action into its tail. Oh, and you don’t need to change the hook for this either!

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