What to tell your customers

  • Sufix has revolutionised the monofilament world with an advanced monofilament that features HMPE molecules blended with nylon.
  • HMPE molecules blended with the polyamides create a durable outer layer for the line. It provides superior, longlasting built-in protection against abrasion without making the line stiff.
  • The hyper copolymer nylon used in Sufix Advance gives the line its supple and soft characteristics. Suppleness combined with the low stretch and ‘G2 Precision Winding’ creates a line that is ideal for precision presentations without compromising durability.
  • Sufix Advance is easy to knot and offers absolute knot strength. With a uni knot, the line retains on average 96% of its linear strength, practically the full breaking resistance stated on the package.
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