Next level carp rods hailed as “Best carp rods available”

Carp anglers are now able to get their hands on what Daiwa call “The best carp rods available”, the all new Basia X45X. Designed and manufactured in the UK, these flagship carp rods are set to deliver unrivalled performance, feel and technical features that are out of this world.

The rods feature Daiwa’s Magnum Taper and next generation ‘torque busting’ X45X that give these rods their signature of quality but what does all this mean and should you invest in them?

What is X45X and Magnum Taper?

Daiwa’s engineers in Japan developed X45X Full Shield that’s the next generation of Bias Carbon Technology. The novel 45° bi-directional fibre composition can now be used across the whole rod structure, resulting in increased torque resistance and casting energy conversion.

The Magnum Taper is a classic mandrel profile that’s been designed by Daiwa engineers in the UK and Japan that provides anglers exactly the right blend of a sensitive tip action rod for fishing and the perfect middle and bottom area of the rod for casting. This is something that only Daiwa rods can provide.

What else makes these rods so special?

HVF Nanoplus

High Volume Fibre was created to lower the amount of heavy resin used while increasing the proportion of carbon fibre that provides power. Nano-sized reinforcing fibres are inserted throughout the resin mix and join during the curing process to generate a stronger bridge of strength.

TDG Guides

The weight of these guides is less than that of regular ceramic guides. When compared to ceramic guides, they have a greater internal diameter, which allows line to pass through them faster and more neatly. They also have an unique Adaman coating for added protection and increased sensitivity and feel.

Alps ARD Reel Seat

These reel seats are the most up-to-date in reel seat technology. They are machined from 61XX aluminium, which is extremely corrosion resistant whilst he convex back has a ripple drop design that improves grip and feel.

Cushion inserts are included in both hoods to secure reel foot placement, and the dual HEX locking nuts assure a secure fit.

What’s in the range?

BAX45XC2314-AXBASIA X45X CARP 12' 3.25lb 2pc
BAX45XC2334-AXBASIA X45X CARP 12' 3.75lb 2pc
BAX45XC3314-AXBASIA X45X CARP 13' 3.25lb 2pc
BAX45XC3334-AXBASIA X45X CARP 13' 3.75lb 2pc
BAX45XC2412SP-AXBASIA X45X CARP 12' 4.5lb 2pc SPOD
BAX45XC2414MK-AXBASIA X45X CARP 12' 4.25lb 2pc MARKER

How much is it going to cost me?

The all new Daiwa Basia X45X start from £575

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