Shimano Tribal TX5 Specimen rods

Carp Spirit (SRC) Chod hook

Shimano Speedmaster XTC 14000

Sonik Xtractor 5000 GS Reel

BKK Tournament Carp Hooks


Carp Spirit V-Curve Hooks

Daiwa Fuego 20 LT Reels

Filstar Rigid Luggage

Filstar Snelled Method Feeder Hooks

Dynamite Baits Betaine Green Silverfish Mix

Benzar Mix Wet Groundbaits

Prologic Avenger Luggage series

Energofish iBite

Fjuka Neeonz Hookbait

Flying Fisherman Drop Back Sunglasses

AFTCO Reaper Hoodie

Plano EDGE Flex Series

Rippton Catch X Bait Boat

Tuf-Line XD Fluorocarbon

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