Durable storage tested (almost) to destruction

Designed for storing, organising and accessing baits and accessories with ease, Rapala’s Tackle Tray series features rigid, customisable dividers, stackable design, integrated feet for vertical storage – and a Quick Latch System that enables opening and closing the tray with an effortless single-hand motion. The first three Tackle Trays, released in Spring 2022, are soon to be accompanied by four new models with foam inserts and open-compartment design.

“We’ve known for a long while that there’s a need for a product like this – the first market research for the Tackle Tray was conducted about six years ago,” says Kimmo Mänttäri, Category Manager at Rapala VMC. To answer that need, Rapala coupled the brand’s in-house know-how with the well-earned expertise of professional fishing guides.

“To maximise the Tackle Trays’ practical aspects, we’ve been testing the product with fishing guides right from the start. The result is a feature-packed product that arguably stands as the highest-quality contender in the basic tackle box segment. And each size in the series is made according to the industry’s standards, meaning that every angler can fit the Tackle Trays in their pre-existing tackle bag,” adds Mänttäri.

However, the Tackle Tray’s key feature is its uncompromised durability. Manufactured in Rapala’s own plastic molding factory in Finland, the heavy-duty plastic construction is designed to endure the elements and last for years.

“If you pack a normal tackle box full of jig heads, it can easily weigh up to 4kg to 5kg. Eventually, the box’s construction starts to give in, and you will soon have a broken tackle box. With the Tackle Tray, we have maximised the material integrity – you can stack them up and stand on them and they won’t even budge!”

To prove the point, he takes three Tackle Trays, piles them up on the floor – and climbs on the improvised Tackle Tray step stool. And he’s right: the trays stand tall under the weight with no signs of budging.  

“This is why we wanted to manufacture the product in-house. We have long-standing expertise in plastic components, and making the whole product in-house allows us to keep the price point very competitive,” Mänttäri says. “It’s also an argument for sustainability. By making the whole product here in Europe, we managed to cut the emissions resulting from shipping. It’s an in-house product through and through, made according to the high Rapala standards.”

Check out the video below from Rapala France to discover more about these fantastic Tackle Trays

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