Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad

Sea Falcon 'Sinking Tuna' Pencil Lure

YUM Spine Craw

Rhino Claw Connector

Northland Fishing Tackle Rattlin' Puppet Minnow

Northland Fishing Tackle Glo-Shot Fire Belly Spoon

Gamakatsu Gika Rigs

Z-Man EyeStrike ChatterBait

Z-Man DarterZ 6"

Storm 360 GT Coastal Shrimp

NetBaits Flex Worm

Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

Blue Fox New Vibrax Colours

NetBait Paca Slim Flare Series

Daiwa Mr.Slow Lure

NetBaits Drifter

Westin Bass Bite

Halco Slidog 105

Westin CreCraw

Berkley PowerBait Grass Pig HD Tru Colours

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