Daiwa Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept

Daiwa’s new premium Samurai J-Fluoro Hidden Concept fluorocarbon line is unseen by fish! Colour Blending Technology drastically reduces any visual signs of the line. Low diameter, quick sinking and highly abrasion resistant. Long casting, low memory and low stretch. Four sequential /repeating shades of green and brown that ensure invisibility through different depths and water […]

TronixPro Competition Match GT Rods

The Competition Match GT range of rods are explicitly aimed at the seasoned match or specialist angler who wants the very best. The range includes five three-piece rods and one two-piece model. All rods are constructed from unique, lightweight carbon construction giving these rods increased recovery, higher strength, and more sensitivity for bite recognition. Competition […]

Z-Man 5″ DoormatadorZ

Buoyant material floats off the bottom at rest or when dragged slowly presenting a highly visible strike target Infused with 100% natural Flounder Pounder Super Gel Scent Highly visible, bright colour schemes that are popular for fluke and other saltwater game species Durable ElaZtech construction allows baits to withstand repeated strikes, even from those with […]

Knotter Knot Tying Tool

Simple and effective knot tying tool that makes a perfect knot every time. The tool makes a reliable and strong Uni-Knot that is one of the worlds most commonly used knots. Designed to work with rigid lines such as monofilament, fluorocarbon and hard braided lines. Simply insert the hook and feed in the line and […]

Rapala Shadow Rap Solid Shad

This latest lure from Rapala sinks quick to the strike area and stays in the zone during its retrieve. It has a hard-kicking swimming action that perfectly mimics fleeing baitfish. At only 5cms and 5.5grams, this lure casts like a dream. Equipped with two size 10 VMC trebles and a wire through construction, this lure […]

Sea Falcon ‘Sinking Tuna’ Pencil Lure

For getting to the target area quick, this pencil lure from Sea Falcon is the perfect choice when targeting deeper residing tuna. On its descent the lure will fall in an enticing ‘S’ action, giving the appearance of a dying baitfish. Availanle in two sizes – 140mm and 160mm both weighing in at 60grams.

STORM Tock Minnow

The Tock Minnow from Storm is an ultra-soft slim minnow style softbait with varying action. Straight out the pack and this lure swims with a tight tail pattern however, remove the integrated tendon and you will see a more exaggerated tail movement. Available in two sizes – 3″ and 4″ and have hook slots on […]

Scierra Kaitum WP Day Pack

For anglers looking for a compact yet lightweight pack when hitting the trail. 100 percent waterproof to keep essential items dry all day. It’s flexible while remaining strong thanks to its thermoplastic polyurethane and nylon construction.. Perfect for keeping kit dry, secure and accessible.

13 Fishing Concept Z SLD Baitcaster

The all new Concept Z SLD is the latest upgrade from the original series. Equipped with a unique SLIDE cast control system that allows anglers to adjust the braking without any messing about. Equipped with Zero Corrosion CZB bearings, the Concept Z SLD will keep on performing. As for stopping power, the reel contains an […]

VMC Tuna Circle 360

The VMC Tuna Circle 360 hook features an in-built stainless steel rolling swivel. The swivel ensures perfect presentation of the bait that can now move around freely giving the confidence to anglers when fishing with them. Its an absolute beast of a hook but one that will increase hook-ups easily and create a strong hook […]

YUM Spine Craw

Bass and other predatory fish will find the Spine Craw from YUM Baits irresistible and it’s retrieved with speed mimicking a fleeing craw. fully loaded with large and attractive appendages, the Spine Craw moves water and creates underwater vibration that raises the attention of those predators. Perfect for flipping and pitching and of course as […]


Looking for an ultra-warn suit that will keep you dry and protected from the elements? Then the DAM CAMOVISION Thermal suit is for you! The two-piece suit provides hardcore anglers with a durable polyester fabric that’s printed with DAM’s innovative CAMOVISION pattern that keeps anglers inconspicuous on the bank. Key reinforcements in exposed areas such […]

Shimano Curado 300 Baitcasting Reels

Shimano have developed the Curado 300 series that enable anglers to throw even bigger lures when the time comes. The four reel series all feature Shimano’s super strong HAGANE Body and much needed extra line capacity on the spools. Large swimbaits, big cranks and umbrella rigs are no problem with the Curado 300 series. There’s […]

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider

Featuring a hollow body weedless design, the Phantom Spider from Lunkerhunt, strides and glides across the water’s surface, enticing hard hits from those big predators! It has a self-correcting ballast built in to its sternum which ensures a consistent natural alignment and action. Available in two sizes and a number of different colours the Phantom […]

Carp Spirit V-Curve Hooks

Finally! After two years of development, the V-Curve Hooks from Carp Spirit are here. Is this the ultimate carp hook? Designed with that all important ‘V’ shape the hook holds in place more securely than other hooks thus causing less damage to fish. It works by ensuring that the pulling force is concentrated in the […]

Daiwa Ninja UL Spinning Rods

Drop shotting veterans and newcomers to lure fishing will find that Daiwa’s UL Ninja Spin rods are the perfect tools for the job. There are two rods in the range with the first being a 7’4″ offering that’s capable of fishing with featherweight lures from 0.5g-5g while its slightly longer companion in the range at […]

Akios Nitron F-15 Long Distance Casting Reel

Developed from the ground up as a powerhouse of a reel to satisfy the long distance demands of anglers. The F-15 possesses an oversized brass main gear and bronze pinion that gives this reel maximum strength. When distance is the priority, it’s the reel’s X-Frame construction that enables anglers reach the horizon time and time […]

Daiwa 500 Seat Box

Daiwa’s latest seat box incorporates SYSTEM 36. 36mm diameter legs are the preferred option among anglers that like the strength, stability and security they offer. The seat box features a fully interchangeable ‘stack system’ with easy click layers that each feature a compression seal. To keep rigs in tip-top condition, the box is supplied with […]

Inova Bait Binder set and Single Binder

The INOVA Bait Binder is one of the most sought after angling accessories in recent years. Binding bait is a whole lot easier thanks to the single handed operation that the bait binder allows. The elastic dispenser quickly secures anglers’ bait ready for those long and powerful casts. Anglers can be sure that the bait […]